Flavor Menu


Choice of vanilla bean cake or chocolate cake filled with home made caramel whipped cream.

Vanilla Hawaiian*

Our best selling cake flavor! Moist and flavorful Vanilla cake filled with pineapple and fresh strawberries.

Pineapple Delight

Rich, moist and light Vanilla chiffon cake filled with pineapple, mango and sweetened flaked coconut (optional).


This festive cake is popular with kids and adults alike! It is made with our best selling vanilla cake batter with rainbow sprinkles mixed in. Filled with vanilla whipped cream or choice of strawberries or ganache.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Mini chocolate chips are baked into this yummy vanilla batter. Favorite filling includes old-fashioned vanilla whipped cream, chocolate cream or rich chocolate ganache. It can also be filled with fresh strawberries.

Vanilla strawberry shortcake*

Rich moist vanilla cake filled with vanilla whipped cream and fresh strawberries Blueberry cake Vanilla, lemon chiffon cake with blueberry compote filling.

Double Chocolate

Our all time popular deep, rich chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate ganache filling.

Black Forest

Rich, moist Chocolate chiffon cake filled with chocolate whipped cream and dark morello cherries.

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate cake layered with vanilla whipped cream and crushed Oreos.

Berries & Cream*

Vanilla chiffon cake soaked with vanilla bean syrup and filled with sweetened whipped cream & assorted fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries).

Coffee Bean

Coffee cake soaked with espresso syrup, with choice of fresh strawberries, raspberries, chocolate ganache or old-fashioned vanilla cream filling. Mocha cake Rich and moist vanilla bean cake with mocha filling.

Ferero Rocher

Our very popular rich moist Chocolate cake filled with crushed ferero rocher chocolate and chocolate cream.

Choco mint Menu

Rich chocolate cake filled with mint cream and mini Choco chips.

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